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Bid Type:  RFQ
Bid Number:  2017-A237-06-119
Bid Name:  Request for Quote - LSRAV Dragsters
Bid Status:  Awarded
Bid Awarded Date:  Wed Sep 20, 2017 (EDT)
Published Date:  Wed Sep 13, 2017 11:45:00 AM (EDT)
Bid Closing Date:  Fri Sep 15, 2017 10:00:00 AM (EDT)
Time-frame for delivery or the duration of the contract: 
Electronic Auctions:  Not Applicable
Language for Bid Submissions:  English unless specified in the bid document
Submission Type:  Online Submissions Only
Submission Address: 
Public Opening: 


Supply only of:   

DLSRAV Dragsters, part #13217 (Studica)

Ship To location: 15-17 George Street, Forest, ON N0N 1J0

Bid Document Access:  Bid document preview, bid opportunity, and award notices are available on the site free of charge. Proponents are not required to register for a bid opportunity prior to previewing the bid documents. To obtain an unsecured version of the bid document and/or to participate in this opportunity, an annual or a per bid fee must be paid (annual fee - $165, per bid fee - $45).
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  • Recreation/Education
    • Paint (Field marking, ice paint, etc.)
    • Musical Instruments - Supplies
    • Arena & Stadium Supplies
    • Pool Supplies
    • Science Equipment & Supplies
    • Playground Equipment
    • Court Surface Specialists
    • Musical Instruments - Repairs
    • Arena & Stadium Services
    • Bleachers/Stands
    • Sporting Goods
    • Sports Field Lighting
    • Park Development
    • Fitness Equipment
    • Sporting & Athletic Goods & Supplies
    • Welding Equipment & Supplies
    • Ice Resurfacer
    • Blade Sharpening
    • Pool Services
    • Recreation Flooring / Restoration (Gym Floor, Rubberized, etc.)
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